It is compulsory to all competitors participating in an NMFA sanctioned event, to obtain a medical certificate before being allowed to compete. The certificate must be issued by a legally certified doctor. Additionally, the certificate must state that the competitor is in good physical health, therefore deemed suitable to compete. The certificate is considered valid up to a maximum of 1 year after the date of issuance.

NMFA will provide the certificate which will be used for the examination by the performing doctor. A valid NMFA certificate can be downloaded (PDF) by clicking this link.

The competitor will be required to bring the NMFA certificate to their doctor who will perform the necessary examination according to the items stated in the certificate. If the competitor possesses an equivalent to the NMFA certificate which contains the same requirements and is no more than 1 year old, this equivalent will be considered as valid.

The competitor will be required to bring the certificate for approval by a doctor appointed by NMFA, at a time and a place set by the organizer of the event (normally at the weigh-in and rules meeting). If the competitor fails to bring a certificate at this time and place, an NMFA doctor will be present and will perform the examination and issuance of the certificate. In said occurrence, all document and examination expenses will be covered by the competitor.


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