Thomas Frederiksen

Thomas is an all-round fighter with both good striking skills and good grabbling skills. His a hard puncher and it's not unusual to see a KO in Thomas fights.

In Vikingfight I he participated in the 4 men mixfight tournament in which he became victorious. He won his first match against Mads Nielsen from Denmark on KO in 1'st round. In the final he was up against Patrick Pålson from Sweden who he forced to submission in 2'nd round.

In Vikingfight II Thomas took his second mixfight victory against Patrick Pålson who suffered from fatigue in 2'nd round and was no more able to compete.

Name : Thomas Frederiksen
Country : Denmark
Yob : 1975
Height : N/A
Weight : 75 kg
Gym : Mikenta Gym
Thaiboxing : 2 - 1 - 0
Mixfight : 4 - 0 - 1
  : N/A
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