Ole Baguio Laursen

Ole is a professional Thai boxer and is currently holding IMTC (International Muay Thai Council) Super-welterweight world title. He has been fighting professionally for only three years but has quickly moved to the top. His record includes 11 pro fights, including three wins by way of knockout. Five of these 11 professional fights were against world champions. His plan is to hold every title in Muay Thai and to be regarded as one of the top fighters in the history of Muay Thai.

He will be fighting in Vikingfight III, Thaiboxing A-class.

Name : Ole Baguio Laursen
Country : Denmark
Born : 1977
Height : N/A
Weight : 68-75 kg
Gym : Thundercats Muay Thai
Thaiboxing : 12 - 3 - 0
1998 : Danish Kickboxing Champion
2000 : IKF European Champion
2001 : IMTC World Champion Superwelterweight
2001 : Warriors Cup USA Champion
2002 : K1 Max USA
2002 : Kings Birthday finals (not fought yet)
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