Nic K-Osei

Nic has a long history in martial arts with roots in Tae Kwon Do an WT/Escrima. Lately Nic has started practicing BJJ and has become a very complete fighter. Nic is a skilled fighter with a big heart which makes him a dangerous opponent for anyone who faces him.

Nic had his Mixfiight debut in Vikingfight I against Jonni van Wanrooy from Holland. Nic won by KO in 1'st round.

In Vikingfight IV Nic was fighting Marco Merodio from Holland. Again Nic KO'ed his opponent in 1st round

Name : Nic K-Osei
Country : Denmark
Born : n/a
Height : 191 cm
Weight : 85 kg
Gym : n/a
Mixfight : 2 - 0 - 0
1996 : TKD London open class winner
1996 : TKD Oxford open class winner
1999 : Escrima European Champion
2000 : Escrima World Champion
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