Daan Kooiman

Daan is an all-round fighter with roots in Street fight. He is a good grabbler with a great strength.

In Vikingfight II he was up against Dave Ferguson from USA in a Mixfight match. Daan was forced to tap out when Dave applied a kimora with his leg and lost the fight in 1'st round.

In Vikingfight III Daan Kooiman was facing Mike Pyle from USA. Mike quickly caught Daan in a Rear naked choke and forced him to tap out in 1'st round.

Name : Daan Kooiman
Country : Holland
Born : 1982
Height : 181 cm
Weight : 84 kg
Gym : Team Schrijber
Mixfight : 7 - 9 - 1
2001 :

Free fight title, Holland

2001 : Mixfight title, Holland
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