Bassam Chahrour

Bassam is an extremely talented fighter with a bright future in Thai boxing. He is a good technician with a devastating kick.

In Vikingfight II he was defeated by Attila Hawk from Denmark in a Kickboxing w/low match. The fight was pretty even but in the end Attila wins the fight on points.

In Vikingfight III Bassam was up against Kim Jensen from Denmark. He opened the fight by landing some devastating low kicks that send his opponent limping back to his corner unable to continue the fight. Bassam wins by TKO in 1'st round.

In Vikingfight IV Bassam KO'ed Arif Dogan (BE) in first round with a beautifull high kick to the jaw.

Name : Bassam Chahrour
Country : Denmark
Yob : 1984
Height : N/A
Weight : 76 kg
Gym : Kalungborg Muay Thai
Thaiboxing : n/a
2003 : WTKL Scandinavian Champion
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