Vikingfight For the Future

The idea for the name of the fight show came to me after at stay in America where everybody who was anybody, and had a little Scandinavian blood in their vanes, called their business “Viking”...something. So I thought to myself, what is more appropriate than calling a fight show where the best fighters from the entire world can compete against the Scandinavian Vikings? Vikingfight!!!

The concept of Vikingfight is simple: I want to improve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Thaiboxing in Denmark and I want to make sure that all fighters from all over the world can challenge the Danish Vikings. My goal is to build up eight Vikingtitles in four weight classes in MMA and four in Thaiboxing, with high prestige to the winner of the belt. I chose to begin the awarding of belts with a four-man tournament to find the winner who is most worthy. The winner of the first belt has proven himself worthy in the tournament, so he shall now only defend his title on the upcoming events.

The first Vikingfight was held in February 2002 after a hectic month of planning, but more is to come…

Brian Talarek - Event organizer

Brian Talarek
Phone: +45 4020 7120
Northern MixFight Association

Torben Søby
Phone: +45 2518 8001

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